Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Review: The Next Christians by Gabe Lyons

Many Christians are concerned about the future. Not about when Jesus is coming back, but about the future of Christianity. We keep reading reports of young Christians leaving the faith especially teens after they leave High School. Some would say, "Christianity's worst days are ahead of us."

Gabe Lyons has another opinion. He believes that Christianity's best days are ahead. This is what Lyons' latest book The Next Christians is all about. The subtitle to the books refers to the seven ways Christians can live the gospel and restore the world.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the changing world around us. Lyons talks about all the cultural shifts that has happened in our world especially what is now the new normal. The second part deals with what Christians can do to bring about change in their world. One chapter deals with Christians accepting their job as a calling not an employment. Lyons wrote, The next Christians don't work at jobs; they serve in vocations. They see their occupational placement as part of God's greater mission. This view is natural and holistic, and fits within the everyday rhythms of most people's lives.

The last part of the book, which also contains the final chapter of the book, talks about the next big shift that is going to happen with the church. That next big shift is Christians rediscovering the gospel. Lyons said that Christians need to relearn and fall in love again with the historic, beautiful, redemptive, faithful, demanding, reconciling, all-powerful, restorative, atoning, grace-abounding, soul-quenching, spiritually fulfilling good news of God's love.

This book offers great insight into what Christians in the next generation need to do be more effective in the coming years. Great book for all pastors, youth pastors, young adult pastors, and all who care about what Christians in the near future need to do.

I received this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.

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