Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Grace of God in the Wisdom Literature

Job shows God's grace in vindicating the sufferer's cry that his redeemer, who lives (19:25), will put all things right in this world or the next.

Psalms shows God's grace by reminding us of, and leading us in expressing, the hesed (relentless covenant love) God has for his people and the refuge that he is for them.

Proverbs shows us God's grace by opening up to us a world of wisdom in leading a life of happy godliness.

Ecclesiastes shows God's grace in its earthy reminder that the good things of life can never be pursued as the ultimate things of life and that it is God who in mercy satisfies sinners (7:20; 8:11).

Song of Solomon shows God's grace and love for his bride by giving us a faint echo of it in the pleasures of faithful human sexuality.

Justin Holcomb, On The Grace of God

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