Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Study Bibles I Use

We have an unlimited amount of resources in our day like no other. I am sure that 50 years from now, if Jesus does not return, Christians in that day will say the same thing. When preparing for a sermon or even a Bible study, I dig into a few study Bibles. Some quote often, other not so much. So here is a list of Bibles I use for my study time whether for teaching or my own growth in my walk with Jesus:

1. The ESV Study Bible. This is the first one I pick up because the book introductions are thorough and have great study notes to go along with the Bible verses.

2. The Reformation Study Bible. Not as thorough as the ESV Study Bible but another great study Bible that reflects Reformed Theology.

3. The MacArthur Study Bible. A study Bible with notes from pastor and scholar John MacArthur.

4. The NIV Study Bible. This is a study Bible I rarely go to because I do not use the NIV as much as I did in my early days as a Christian. I do find their study notes helpful at times. The one I use contains the original NIV before it was updated in 2011.

5. The Life Application Study Bible (NASB). Another study Bible I hardly use but will use every once in a while. One of the reasons is that is my only copy of the NASB I have that is not in a parallel Bible. The notes were not intended for in depth Bible Study and can come across as moralistic. Every now and then you will find a note that you can use, but it is not gospel-centered.

What Study Bibles Do You Use?

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