Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Review: Salvation By Crucifixion by Philip Graham Ryken

Did Jesus have to be crucified on the cross to secure our salvation? Was there another way God could have atoned for our sins? These are questions people might ask as Easter approaches. Many Christians may never have thought much of the cross but only as an act of love toward mankind. Some wonder what the point of the cross truly was besides giving us a holiday to celebrate.

Philip Graham Ryken in his short book, Salvation By Crucifixion, shows up that the cross was necessary for our salvation. This book was based on a series of short messages that Ryken and James Montgomery Boice did for their congregation. Ryken writes about why the cross is so offensive to the people in Bible times and why it is still offensive to this day. Ryken continues on about how the cross has brought us peace with God and that every believer should boast in the cross.

This is another great resource for believers to engage with non-believers. This is also good for churches to hand during their Easter service. This book will also be a good small group study to go through not just for Easter but any time of the year. I was blessed by this book and highly recommended.

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