Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Review: The Resurrection in Your Life by Mike McKinley

With Easter approaching, there will be more sermons about the Crucifixion than any other time in some churches. They will preach on the events that led to Jesus' death then on Easter speak on the Resurrection. However some churches with make a big deal of the Crucifixion and a lesser deal of the Resurrection. The Resurrection has become an appendix that last part of the book no one wants to read because it has no point in most cases.

Mike McKinley writes about the Resurrection and how it is helpful for the Christian life in his latest book, The Resurrection In Your Life. This book serves as a follow up to a book he wrote about on the Crucifixion called, Passion:How Christ's Final Day Changes Your Every Day. Like his previous book, McKinley writes on the Resurrection using the Word of God to serve as introduction to the chapter. He begins with the last couple of chapters in the gospel of Luke then briefly through the first two chapters of Acts.

McKinley writes on why the Resurrection gives us hope. The Crucifixion gives us hope because we have a Savior who died in our place for our sins. The Resurrection serves as a reminder that we have a living hope. All other religious leaders are dead and buried. Jesus is alive which gives us hope. He intercedes for us and he sits at the Father's right hand.

One thing that McKinley wrote about that I really appreciate is that Jesus ascended bodily. The gospels told us he was touched by people and he ate food in front of the disciples. Many times, the fact Jesus had a resurrected body seems to be pushed aside. Why is this a big deal? McKinley writes:

(In) Jesus we find a human representative who lifts us up to the throne room of heaven. Jesus is the second Adam, who did everything he did on our behalf. He lived and died and rose and even ascended into heaven for us. We have a friend "on the inside" of heaven, looking out for our interests (pg. 56).

This book serves as a simple introductory guide to the Resurrection and how it applies to all Christians. I have always enjoyed McKinley's writings and this book is no exception. This would be good for one on one discipleship.

Thanks Good Book Company for letting me review this book.

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