Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Book Review: Romans 8-16 For You by Tim Keller

Romans has been one of the most studied books in all the Bible. Many Pastors call Romans the most important book of the Bible because it explains the gospel. Many have come to Christ because of their personal reading of Romans. Pastors and scholars have written commentaries on Romans which include Tim Keller. While his latest book, Romans 8-16 For You may not be considered a commentary, it should be added as one of the many great books on Romans. Keller wrote, "(T)his resource is not intended to be an exhaustive, or final, word on this does not go into the depth that a commentary would, nor does it interact in detail with historical and recent scholarship. It is an expository guide, opening up the Scriptures and suggesting how they apply to us today" (pg.9).

This book is a continuation of Romans 1-7 For You which begins where Keller left off. He goes into talking about the fact that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ as Romans 8 teaches. Keller says that in the heart of Romans 8, we have the secret of profound change.

The second half of Romans deals with controversial topics such as God's sovereignty which has been misunderstood by many Christians. Keller writes in a way that those new to the faith can understand. He goes to address using our gifts in the church, holy living, and giving glory to God in all things. There are many other topics Keller addresses in this book which are also covered in the book of Romans.

Each chapter, as with Keller's previous commentaries, are divided into two parts with questions at the end, which is great for study. Many Bible teachers will benefit from this book as those who are studying the Bible for themselves. I am grateful for Keller in writing this book as well as all of his books.

Thanks Good Book Company for letting me review this book.

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