Friday, September 18, 2015

Book Review: To The Ends of the Earth by Michael A.G. Haykin and C. Jeffrey Robinson Sr.

Opponents of Calvinism say that the theology is anti-missions and John Calvin himself was against missions. Although Calvinists belief that God draws sinners to himself (John 6:44) and we are predestined by grace to be saved, there is no teaching from Calvinists that could be against missions or even personal evangelism. Albert Mohler said if Calvinism is an enemy to missions, it is an enemy to the gospel.

To The Ends of the Earth is a collection of teachings on how Calvin was not anti-missions and how he taught the Great Commission was for every believer to obey to further Christ's Kingdom here on earth. This book focused on Calvin's love for studying the Bible. There was one of his greatest joys which should be the same thing for all Christians who desire to grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus. The book also looks at the passages that Calvin wrote about in his commentaries that have given his opponents fuels to say he is against missions.

The book focuses on Calvin's theology regarding missions and how he encouraged praying for the lost. Calvin believed that prayer was "a factor that God has ordained to be part of the salvation of his elect people" (pg. 57). The book also talks about Calvin's ministry as a means for missions where he was located and missions in other locations that were led by Calvinists. There were also many Calvinists who were evangelists preaching the gospel wherever they went. The example of Jonathan Edwards, another Calvinist, was used in the book and how he was an instrument in advancing the Kingdom of God. The book also takes a look at Samuel Pearce desired for the lost to be saved and preached anywhere he had the chance.

As I mentioned earlier, those who are against Calvinism think that Calvinists are against missions and evangelism. This book teaches that is not the case. Yes, Calvinists believe in God's sovereign election, but also believe the church is what God uses to announce His gospel to the ends of the earth. If you are sold on the idea the Calvinists are anti-missions, this book is for you. Those studying theology and missiology, this book is for you.

Thanks Crossway for letting me review this book.

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