Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Review: The Dude's Guide to Marriage by Darrin & Amie Patrick

Most men think they have marriage down by the time they get married then reality hits. Sometimes men are a little slow (knowing this because I am a man) at understanding what makes our wives tick. Sometimes, us men (I know this is probably not grammatically correct) need help in the area of marriage.

Darrin Patrick, along with his wife Amie, have written a book of married men called, The Dude's Guide to Marriage. In the book, Darrin and Amie open up their almost 20 years of marriage to teach men what they learned and how it can be applied to marriage. Each chapter has only a one word title which are the skills men need to, as the subtitle says, "develop his wife well." They are:

1. Listen

2. Talk

3. Fight

4. Grow

5. Provide

6. Rest

7. Serve

8. Submit

9. Pursue

10. Worship

Some of these could be a no-brainer for some men while others might be a shock to some. When Darrin and Amie write about fighting, they write how to have an argument well in your marriage relationship. Lets face it, in marriage you will have conflict because a husband and wife are two different people. In submit, you might think it is the wife's job to submit which is true as the husband is the spiritual leader of the house, but this one refers to Ephesians 5:21, which says "submit to one another out of reverence for Christ."

When I read the last chapter on worship, my presumptions were talking about worship the spouse but that is not what the authors write about. Darrin, who wrote the bulk of this chapter, says that men are the ones who need to lead their spouse in worship of the Almighty Father who gave them redemption in Christ. Whether it is through family devotions, corporate worship, or even praising God for His provisions.

This is was an amazing practical and gospel-centered book on marriage for men to read. One thing I love about is you know when either Darrin or Amie are writing, with Amie's words being italicized. This is a book all men, marriage and single, should read. Pastors should give this book to men who are in marriage counseling.

Thanks Booklook Bloggers for letting me review this book.

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