Friday, April 22, 2016

Around The Web-April 22, 2016

Matt Chandler says Christians need not worry since God already knows who's the next U.S. president

Baptist Church Ordains First Openly Transgender Preacher

Utah declares pornography a public health hazard

Making Evangelism a Habit by Tom Johnston

“The Jungle Book” and the Doctrine of Adoption by Russell Moore

Servants of Grace has the issue of Theology for Life available to download on The Doctrine of Grace

Jen Wilkin's new book, None Like Him, is now available

Westminster Theology Seminary has put a book together called Seeing Christ in All of Scripture

Do We Participate in Our Own Salvation? by Andrew Shanks

The guys are Popcorn Theology discuss Season 2 of Daredevil

Kevin Halloran shares his thoughts on Together for the Gospel and #Despierta16

Tim Challes' new book, Visual Theology, is on sale for $10.00.

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