Friday, April 29, 2016

Around The Web-April 29, 2016

The Regular Reformed Guys speak to Kerry Gillard about race and the church

Dave Jenkins speaks with Ed Welch about his book, Side By Side, which I highly recommend

What I Learned The First Two Years of Church Planting by Jason Davis

Scott Sauls shares his thoughts on the Rise and Fall of Pastors

Daniel Darling wants you to get caught up on church history

Are You Tempted to Toss the Bible? by Aaron Armstrong

Calvinist Batman speaks with Heath Lambert about the Theology of Biblical Counseling

How the Lord’s Supper Makes a Local Church by Bobby Jamieson

Seeing Christ in All of Scripture and other books are on sale right now.

Daily quotes from Spurgeon and books for Mother's Day on sale as well.

Reformed Theological Seminary has a video they release called Wisdom Wednesday where they address theological issues. This past week feature Derek Thomas and Ligon Duncan answering two questions: what is hell and what is Heaven.

Next Friday, Captain America: Civil War comes out in the theatres. There have already been some great reviews. I think this might be the best Marvel film ever. One reason this movie is getting a lot of buzz is Spider-man. Yes, the web-slinger makes his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These two videos are TV spots from the movie that came out earlier this week (it will say in 10 days) which shows a little more Spidey.

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