Friday, May 6, 2016

Around The Web-May 6, 2016

Reformed Theology & John 3:16 by Burk Parsons

10 Things You should Know about Penal Substitution by Sam Storms

Four Steps to Kill Nagging Sins by Gavin Ortlund

WTS Books has a sale going for John Piper's latest book as well as other titles

You have until Monday to enter for a chance to win in the second Pastor's Library Giveaway

Brian Cosby on the Doctrine of Predestination

4 Megachurch Pastors to Host Talk Show Coming to Fox This Summer

Why the Ascension of Jesus Matters to You by Russell Moore

5 Ways the Ascension Benefits You by Steve Mathewson

Crisis in American Democracy by Albert Mohler

R.C. Sproul speaks on Martin Luther as he came the doctrine of Justification by Faith from reading Romans 1:17:

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