Thursday, May 12, 2016

Blocked on Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets are very useful tools to connect with other believers and possibly take a stand for Christ. I heard someone call Facebook a digital town hall meeting. If you think about it, town hall meetings are where people share ideas and opinions about certain topics. There are at times when town hall meetings did become a little heated which the same can be said about social media.

I know for me, social media has been a blessing because of the people I connected with over the years and reconnect with friends I have not seen in years. Social media has allowed me to rejoice when I see what God is doing in various churches in other parts of the world and across America. Of course, social media, at times, can bring out the worse in people. Christians are not exempted from this.

There are also times when someone decides they do not want to see your tweets on Twitter and vice versa, so they decide to block you. You might feel it was something you said, which if you are a Christian communicated Biblical truth it is expected because those who walk in darkness do not want to see or hear the truth of the gospel. When someone blocks you on social media because you stand on Biblical truth, don't take it personally. We were warned by Jesus, the world will hate us, but do not take this as persecution. Same thing is true if someone unfriends you on Facebook.

There might be times when you are blocked by other Christians for various reasons. This also includes Christian leaders such as pastors and seminary professors. I discovered I was blocked by a Christian leader (I will not say who because that does not solve anything). I am not sure what the reason for the block was for but I have had disagreements in this leader's theology on secondary issues. Should I reach out to that leader? I could, but I am not obligated since he does not hold a leaders position in my church. If he was an elder in my church, that is a whole other story.

Social media is great, but it is not where one gets their approval from. Sure it is nice to have a nice number of followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook, but you already have approval in Christ. You have your church where you fellowship with like-minded believers and proclaim the gospel in your city. You can edify on social media but it should not replace the church.

When you are blocked on social media, don't beat yourself up about it. If it is a false teacher that blocks you, praise God. If it is a Christian who you have disagreements with, pray for that person. If it is a lost person, pray for him/her and continue to communicate the truth of the gospel.

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