Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Book Review: The Blessing of Humility by Jerry Bridges

If there is one author I can read over and over again, it is Jerry Bridges. I became a fan of his books ever since I read The Pursuit of Holiness. I have read almost every book he has written and hopefully will finish everyone of them.

Earlier this year, Jerry Bridges departed from this world to meet the Savior face-to-face. Many bloggers, including myself, wrote about how Bridges have influenced them. Many on social media posted their favorite quotes from him and he was even a trending topic on Twitter. After Bridges's death, I learned that he wrote one final book, which it was not called that at the time, but now it is. If there is one word to describe Jerry Bridges, it would be humble. He always made sure God's glory was magnified through his writings, the sermons he preached, and in the life he lived as he walked with Jesus. His last book happens to be on humility, which is called, The Blessing of Humility.

Bridges begins the book by saying humility is the second most frequently trait taught in the Bible. He wrote, "All other character traits, in one way or another, are built upon love and humility." No one is more qualified to teach (if there truly was one) about humility then Jerry Bridges himself.

Bridges taught that Jesus was the most humble man who walked the earth. He not only taught humilty, He also lived it. Bridges goes through several passages of scripture that teaches about humility in the Christian life. God also promises to give grace to the humble and exalt those who are humble.

Bridges uses the bulk of the book to go back to the beatitudes taught by Jesus on what it means to be humble. Every ounce of humility comes from a dependence of God in everything for the Christian life from the spiritual things to the most insignificant material object. In the last chapter of this book, Bridges reminds his readers on the gospel message. Being humble means depending on the grace of God in daily living and also knowing that our salvation is intact.

Bridges reminds his readers that the gospel is not just for unbelievers but for all believers which he addresses in great detail in his book, The Gospel for Real Life. In the last paragraph of the book, Bridges says that as we grow in the Christian life, we will become more dependent on the righteousness of Christ which is shown to us in the gospel as well as the Holy Spirit. Dependence on the righteousness of Christ and the Holy Spirit will lead us the humility.

I have that last paragraph underlined because these were Bridges's last written words that I am aware of. Bridges is a genuine believer who loved Jesus and the people he wrote to even though he had never met them, which he did count them as brothers and sisters in the Lord. I have always recommended books by Bridges and will continue to do so. I am delighted to recommend The Blessings of Humility for all Christians to read.

I want to thank Tyndale for allowing me to review Jerry Bridges's last book.

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