Friday, June 24, 2016

Around The Web-June 24, 2016

America’s favorite fast food restaurant is Chick-fil-A

Lead singer of Blink-182 quits the band to investigate aliens

Property owner asks Verity Baptist Church to leave after pastor praises Orlando massacre

All ESV Heirloom Bibles are 50% until June 30th

How To Become Holy by Joe Carter

Overcoming Anger by Joe Thorn

I’m a single-issue voter on multiple issues, and so are you by Denny Burk

Is faith in Jesus a leap in the dark? John Piper answers that question in his conversation with Michael Reeves

Kevin DeYoung reminds us that the people of the world are to be loved while the worldly system is to be rejected

Andrew Hebert on why preaching must be expositional

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