Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Book Review: Who Moved My Pulput? by Thom Rainer

Change is never easy. Change comes in many forms. It can be a new job, which may require you move to a new city and your kids to a new school. It can be in health because you have been diagnosed with a life altering disease that is treatable but you need to change your diet. For the church, change is something that does not come easy especially if there is a new pastor that comes in or simply changing the way things are done.

In his latest book, Who Moved My Pulpit?, Thom Rainer how leaders in the church can have effective change. He begins the book about a pastor who decided to take a pulpit, which was a huge one, in favor of a smaller pulpit that the preacher did not feel was a hindrance. He did not consult anyone. He just moved it and it caused a major conflict in the church. He used that situation how not to make changes in the church.

He goes to address how change in the church should be brought about and how a pastor should approach in making changes. Thankfully, one thing Rainer did not say was make changes now and fast. Changes in the church can be really difficult. Rainer addresses five kinds of people in the church who will make change difficult as well as how to handle people who do not want to see changes in their church.

Who will benefit from this book? Obviously pastor will along with elders and deacons. I think this book should be a guide for anyone in ministry to make necessary changes in their congregation. Change in the church will always be met with opposition and I think this book will give church leaders the tools they need to make change happen.

Thanks B&H Publishing Group for letting me review this book.

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