Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Book Review: The Gospel & Racial Reconciliation

The Bible tells us that we are reconciled to God through the finished work of Christ on the cross. What many seem to forget is that Christ has also reconciled us to each other. We were not a people, now we are the family of God. Those who put their faith in Christ are our brothers and sisters. The church is made of people who come from different backgrounds and preferences with one thing in common, which is our union with Christ. Unfortunately, there are some in the church that don't see it that way when it comes to race.

When we read the Bible, we see the church made of people from different nations. The church is not comprised of one ethnic group. In Revelation, we see people from every nation, tribe and tongues worshipping the Lamb, yet we don't welcome them in our churches. Even as we speak, there is a church in Alabama that fired their pastor who was leading their church to reach people of all races with the gospel. The church is a predominately white church surrounded by a black community.

How does the gospel apply to the issue of race? Thankfully, I happy to recommend a very good resource for this situation. As part of "The Gospel for Life" series from Russell Moore and Andrew T Walker, different writers show how the Christian should live in light of the gospel in the issue of race. The Gospel & Racial Reconciliation shows us that mankind is made from the image of God as Genesis 1 shows us. This book shows us that God created all races and we should be against any form of image degrading. This book deals with briefly the issue of interracial marriage and why the Bible is says about it.

This book also deals with how the church should deal in the issue of race and how the Christian should live in loving their neighbors who are of different races. Finally, we look at how the culture views race and even the history of racism in the United States. With all the issues of race in our day and age, this book is definitely one that needs to be read by all Christians. This book is not long and simple to read. This would a good discussion in small groups as well as between churches of different ethnic groups.

Thanks B&H Publishing Group for letting me review this book.

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