Monday, August 29, 2016

Book Review: The NIV Cultural Background Study Bible

When it comes the Bible, most people try to read it through a 21st Century mindset. It surprises them when they realize the Bible was not written within the context of the modern world. Sure, if you hear a sermon today, a pastor will use some element from the modern day culture to communicate the gospel message. The Bible uses elements from the time it was written to help the reader and listeners to apply the Biblical message in their Christian walk.

Study Bibles are a great tool to use to help understand the meaning of the text and culture during the time that particular book was written. Zondervan has produce a study Bible to assist its readers to understand the cultural elements in each book of the Bible. This study Bible is called the NIV Cultural Background Study Bible.

This study Bible was edited by John Walton from Wheaton College and Craig Keener from Asbury Theological Seminary. There are a number of contributors this study Bible as well as a few articles from the NIV Archaeological Study Bible. This study Bible does contain book introductions which do not go into great detail as other study Bibles. There are articles where the reader can get more understanding of the background especially what is happening during that moment in history. The study Bible contains notes like most study Bibles. These notes attempt to assist the readers in grasping the meaning of the text based on the time it was written.

There are many other elements in this Bible that might take me all day to write about, so I will keep this review very brief. Do I think this is a fair Bible? I think it is. I know I will consider using this Bible as I study the Bible from my own sake or for teaching in the church. I think those who want to understand the historic culture in each book of the Bible, this study Bible will be very helpful.

Thanks BookLook Bloggers for letting me review this Bible.

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