Monday, August 8, 2016

Book Review: The Temple and The Tabernacle by J Daniel Hays

In the Old Testament, we see references to the temple and tabernacle as dwelling places for God. We also see references to the temple in the New Testament as well. There have been many studies on the temple and tabernacle but only more on an academic level which is important. However, there are not that many that look the theological implications to why the temple and tabernacle were important in the redemption story of God in the Bible.

J. Daniel Hays has written a book that looks at the dwelling place of God from the beginning of the Bible to the very end in his book, The Temple and the Tabernacle. Hays begins with a basic overview of what the purpose of the temple and tabernacle. Hays makes it clear that Jesus is the true temple and last sacrifice for our sins as well as the Holy Spirit comes to live in the bodies of those who believe as temples.

Hays continues on about the Ark of the Covenant and the tabernacle which were important symbols of worship prior to the temple being built. He also addresses Solomon's temple and the importance of it and what happened when the presence of God departed the temple just before the Jewish exile. Finally, Hays looks at the history of the second temple that was build after the exile as well as the temple in the New Testament era.

This is a very good resource for those who want to do a study on the temple and tabernacle. I am sure this will make a good reference for preachers who are preaching through the Old Testament to use.

Thanks Baker Publishing Group for letting me review this book.

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