Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Podcast Wednesday: Dating, Zach Bolen, Joe & Jimmy Do A Video, and more

Zach Bolen from Citizens & Saints has been a busy man. He was featured on two podcasts this week:

Reformed Pubcast

Popcorn Theology

Collin Hansen speaks with Matt and Lauren Chandler on Dating and Gospel Compatibility

Four Keys to Church Revitalization with Jason K Allen

The Gospel Friends present A New Hope

The Pastor and Counseling the Basics of Shepherding Members In Need from Equipping You In Grace

Calvinist Batman and Psallos on Scripture in song

For the first time, Joe and Jimmy from Doctrine and Devotion do a video episode where Jimmy shows off his "incredible" hair, which mocks bald men everywhere, touches Joe's beard. This might be the last video they ever do (I hope not). Anyways, they speak Thomas Terry a.k.a. Odd Thomas about Theology and Worship.

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