Monday, September 5, 2016

Christianity and Video Games

As a kid, I loved playing video games whether it is on a video console or a video arcade. In college, we had nights where we played Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 after a day of classes. We even had a Playstation where my roommates and I would play NFL Blitz or WWF Attitude.

Now that as a grown man, I still love playing video games. I love playing Call of Duty with my son and Mario Kart with the whole family. I even love playing the Injustice mobile game. Not to long ago, I went to a place called Round1 in Arlington, where it was a video arcade on steroids. They had newer games as well as older games such as Street Fighter.

There has been some great debate over the past few years on whether or not Christians should have any business with video games. I remember back in the day of Mars Hill Church that Mark Driscoll challenged the manhood of those who played video games.

Marcus and Jeff from Apologia Studios talk about how Christians can be involved with video games and not let it become an idol.

Recommend Resource:

If you want to hear more talk on theology and video games, I recommend The Reformed Gamers.

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