Saturday, October 22, 2016

Book Review: Christ All Sufficient by Brian G Hedges

Not too longer ago, my church recently went through the book of Colossians, which is one of the New Testament letters written by the Apostle Paul. The book has only four chapters like the book of Philippians and contains so much depth that is took 22 sermons to go through this book. Paul writes about many things in this short letter from the greatness of Jesus to the church's identity.

Many commentaries have been written on the book of Colossians while a few of them are link with a couple of other writings from the Apostle Paul. Brian G. Hedges has written a new commentary on Colossians which is dedicated to make much Jesus called, Christ All Sufficient. Like more commentaries, this one begins with an introduction to the book of Colossians and give a detailed outline as to what the letter is about.

Hedges goes through each chapter and verse of Colossians, not only to communicate the message of Paul's writing, but to help his readers apply the truths taught in each verse. This commentary does give historical background to each verse, but it does not go overboard as you were sitting in a seminary class. This commentary is more like listen to an expository sermon whether you in the worship center or on a podcast. As I was reading this commentary, I felt like I was reading Hedges' manuscript to sermons he has preached on Colossians.

I really enjoyed this commentary. I know when I read through Colossians again, I will consider reading this book along with it.

Thanks Shepherd Press for letting me review this book.

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