Thursday, November 17, 2016

Book Review: The Gospel & Same-Sex Marriage

For more than a decade, Same-sex marriage has been a hot topic. From states affirming to people being isolated from society because they refuse to accept it. This has been one of the keys issues in the last few presidential elections.

Not only is this is an issue in society, but it is also one in the church as well. We have churches that affirm it and have even allow men and women who are homosexual to serve in a church office. We also have Christian bloggers and authors say that same-sex marriages can be holy just as heterosexual marriages.

How should Christians respond to the culture that embraces same-sex marriage? Russell Moore and Andrew T Walker have edited a book that addresses what the Bible says about marriage and how the church should live in this day and age. The book is called, The Gospel & Same-Sex Marriage, which is part of "The Gospel for Life" series.

The book begins with Andrew T Walker addressing what Christians are for not what we are against. He writes about the Biblical view of marriage and what it is not. He also talks about what the purpose of marriage is from the Word of God and how to respond to those who think of a different perspective of marriage. Next, John Piper goes into a gospel-centered message about marriage.

Jason G. Duesing and J.D. Greear take the next couple of chapters to address how we should respond and engage the culture that does not want a God-centered view of marriage. Finally, Albert Mohler takes a look at what the culture says about marriage. He also looks at the four leading factors that lead to the same-sex revolution, which is very insight.

The issue of same-sex marriage is not going away anytime soon. The church needs to know how to engage in a culture that accepts it and isolates those who don't. This book is helpful tool for the church today on this very topic.

Thanks B&H Publishing for letting me review this book.

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