Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Danger of Political Pastors

This election has been one roller coaster ride. There have been many twists and turns, but one thing that this election has brought out is the political pastor. There are pastors so passionate about politics that they are willing to endorse a candidate and even have that candidate come to their church. There are even some pastors who would equate them as the Lord's anointed.

One pastor just recently said it would be morally inexcusable if Christians do not vote for the candidate they have endorsed. One TV preach said those who don't vote for their ideal candidate, they deserved death. Many of these pastors have caused not only heartache but anger as well. Are these men more passionate about politics then the gospel of Christ?

Please don't misunderstand me, Christians need to be engaged in politics as well as church leaders, but there is a right way and wrong way in doing it. Some pastors have engaged politics very well while others just make you want to put your head in the sand because of the utter embarrassment they have caused.

There are some potential dangers when it comes to political pastors. The first is they make politics an add on to the gospel. When a pastor decides to say that Christians need to vote for this candidate or they sin, it becomes a form of legalism. No where in the Bible do we see Jesus saying anything being part of a certain political party. The only thing He tells His disciples is to make disciples. We come to Christ by faith alone, not by faith and politics.

Second, they make God appear to have a favorite political party. God is not a Republican, Democrat, or any other political party, yet these political pastors represent Him that way and they represent the church that way too. Many in our culture think that all Christians are Republicans which is not true. I know Christians who are democrats and I have been in churches where its members will vote based on their party affiliation. Remember Jesus had a tax collector (a man who collected money for the Romans) and a zealot (a man who wants to overthrow the Romans) as His Apostles.

Third, they will intimidate you to go against your conscience. One thing this election has brought out is the topic of conscience. There are some that will not vote for one candidate or the other because of their conscience. Senator Ted Cruz was correct in telling his audience during the Republican National Convention to vote their conscience. Political Pastors will bully their way to make sure their candidate is elected by any means necessary. Yes, even ones that are not God honoring.

Finally, they do not preach grace and truth. Most political pastors I have watched are mean. They get nasty and say things that should have them rebuked by their church, which unfortunately does not happen. There is hardly any grace, if any, with these kinds of pastors and there is hardly any truth. Sure they may say what will happen if this person is elected, but they will thrown in that God will not be pleased with you if you don't vote our way. Where is the truth in that?

Once again, I am not saying churches should not be engaged in politics, but we have to do it in a God honoring way. We can be engaged in politics to proclaim the grace of our God and the truth why we disagree on these issues. Political pastors only care about their platform and those who are not on it are not considered highly favored.

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