Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thoughts Regarding Election Night

I have debated for the past couple of days if I should write about what happened two nights ago as the United States elected a new president. At first, I decided not to because there would be many of them coming through the Internet which did happen. Today, I decided just to write a few thoughts I had regarding election night.

First, total shock. I was not expecting Donald Trump to win. Like most of Americans, we were listening to the polls prior to Election Day. A great majority of them were predicting a Clinton victory. They were wrong. As some states that I thought were going for Clinton turned out to be a huge win for Trump. Two days later, I am still in shock.

Second, as Americans we look at the polling industry as if it was divinely inspired. They projected a Clinton victory which, as I mentioned earlier, they were wrong. I read a few articles on hos the polling industry's creditability has been questioned as a result of the wrong information it was projecting. From my understanding, Clinton had her victory speech ready because she trust the polls. The same is true for Trump, he had his concession speech ready. The polling industry will be looked at greater scrutiny than ever before because of this election.

Third, the response of the country. As I mentioned earlier, I was in shock that Trump won as well as those in both political parties. I am sure those who campaigned for Clinton are wondering what went wrong. People who attended what they thought was to be a victory party in Clinton's headquarters were crying in disbelief and utter disappointment. While the opposite could be said for those at Trump's headquarters. One day later, we are hearing students protesting Trump's victory. There are now protests in various cities including a couple in Texas. We usually see something like this in other countries, but now we are seeing it right here in America.

Fourth, what happened with local elections? Throughout this election process, we have forgotten that their elections happening in our cities and state. I did not know until a month ago that our city was voting for a new mayor. When did that happen? Yes, I voted for a mayor. As coverage for the election was taking place, our local news shared the results of other elections happening our area. One city rejected a school bond while another affirmed the sale of alcohol (yes, there are cities in Texas that don't sell alcohol). With all the election coverage, what happened to the local elections?

Finally, the evangelical response. I put this in a separate category because as Christians we are sojourners and exiles who are citizens in Heaven while residing in the United States. Throughout this election season the evangelical response has not been the best it could have been. From one pastor saying it is morally inexcusable for Christians not to vote for Trump to those who question a pastor's theology because he supports Clinton. The evangelical response regarding election night has been one of praise and despair. Many evangelicals are thankful Clinton did not get in office while at the same time they mourn because Trump was elected. One thing this election has taught me is the term evangelical may have gotten lost because we have to be aligned with a political party to even call ourselves evangelical.

Now that the election is over, what should Christians do? Pray for President-Elect Trump. Love our neighbors. Continue to share the gospel to our friends, family, co-workers, and those in our city. The work of the church remains the same. Nothing has changed. The same will apply on 2020, 2024, and 2028.

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