Saturday, December 3, 2016

Be Aware of Your Sin and Fight

Some think that great saints are those who rarely speak of their struggle with sin. Preachers often refer to sin in such light and even flippant ways that their congregants conclude, "Man, our pastor never talks about sin or his struggles with it; on the contrary, all he ever preaches about is victory, dominion, destiny, and success. He must be incredibly strong and spiritually mature!" I would argue this thinking is misled.

In fact, I believe that great saints are those who are acutely aware of their sin. They never rest or quit training in their fight against it...People find victory over sin are those who know it is going to be a tough, daily battle. They never stop fighting! They never accept the idea that one sin or another must always pester them for the rest of their days. Great saints wake up every day swinging and kicking, knowing that sin is ready to finish them off before they leave the house.

Yancey Arrington, Tap: Defeating The Sins That Defeat You

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