Thursday, March 16, 2017

Book Review: Gospel Fluency by Jeff Vanderstelt

What are the benefits in learning another language? So that you may speak to people who speak that language. After time, when you have practiced it, you have become fluent in in that language.

Jeff Vanderstelt uses this illustration in his book, Gospel Fluency to communicate the need for the church and the individual Christian to become fluent in the gospel. The church has lost the language of the gospel because they just don't know what it is or they have forgotten it. Vanderstelt says we need gospel language to be spoken in our church if we want to be gospel people.

In the beginning of the book, Vanderstelt says we are all unbelievers, and he is not meaning lost without hope and without God in the world. What he means is we are all unbelievers in the work Christ has done. There are times we have doubted God's grace and Christ's finished work on the cross. This is why we need to be fluent in the gospel so we may speak the truth to another and even to ourselves.

In order for the church to become gospel fluent, it must know the gospel. Vanderstelt devotes time in the book to share the gospel to his readers and how sharing those truths is not just for Sundays, but in the everyday stuff of life. When we speak with one another, it should be about Jesus. When we speak to those who are sinning against a member of the church, we should give them Jesus.

Vanderstelt continues on how communion reminds us of the gospel and what Jesus did. Also how Jesus is the true hero of the Bible. God uses the people and stories of the Bible to point people to Jesus from Adam to Moses. As gospel fluent people, we must share this news with everyone, not just church members, but with everyone around us. We must share the gospel with the lost. We must show and tell Jesus Christ.

I loved Vanderstelt's previous book, Saturate, and high expectations for this one, which is a continuation of his teachings in that book. I am thankful to say my expectations were blown away. This book was amazing. Had a hard time putting it down. I love how Vanderstelt writes and how passionate for the gospel he is. This is my favorite book of 2017, so far. Get this book.

Thanks Crossway for letting me review this book.

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