Saturday, March 25, 2017

The In-Between Sundays

Every Sunday, Christians attend a worship service. After they worship the Lord with their church family and get equipped by the preach, we part ways. Some of us attend small groups whether on Sunday evenings or another night and some of us attend a mid-week prayer meeting. If you are attending a faithful, Bible preaching church, you should be seeing some spiritual growth in yourself and your fellow church members.

We live in a day where we have access to many resources that help Christians grow whether it is Christian book or a podcast. We also have social media, where we connect with believers in our city and all over the world. There are times you see posts from Christians that have questionable theology or quote someone that is not a faithful Bible teacher. Some of them you may have known for a long time and you might have wondered what happened to them in their spiritual growth.

I truly believe that one of the things that is hurting the American church is not our Sunday morning worship service even though there are some services that do not exalt the Lord. I believe that Christians in America are stunting their own spiritual growth by what they are engaged in-between Sundays. What I mean is this, Christians attend church where the pastor preaches an excellent, gospel-centered, expositional sermon and they are engaged in teaching that not is not sound at all.

They listen to their pastor, but then listen to an unhealthy preacher. Imagine attending John MacArthur's church where you really are engaged in each sermon then the next day listen to Joel Osteen's latest sermon because you need a pick me up. Here is another one, Christians read their Bible and see what God has revealed to them through the pages of Scripture yet treat The Shack as a godsend.

Christians, what are you engaged in the in-betweens. Who are listening to between Sundays? I know I have listened to sermons from unhealthy preachers to see what if everyone says they said something heretical is true like I have done a few times with Andy Stanley, who I don't recommend to anyone and the same goes with Joel Osteen. What books are you reading outside the Bible? What about the music you listen, which music is a powerful thing because it resonates in our minds a lot more than what we read.

Christians, you need to be discerning if what you are listening to, reading, or even watching is healthy for you. I am talking about Christian books, televangelists, and some Contemporary Christian Music. Are you taking these things and replace the Bible as the authority over you. Please don't miss understand me, there is nothing wrong with reading books, listening to other pastors, and listen to Christian music, even though some of them may have been played over and over again for the past few years.

The one thing that all Christians need to be engaged in before our worship services is the Bible. From the Bible, we see God's Word, listen to God's voice, and respond to Him in prayer and adoration. When you attend the worship service with your church family, share what the Lord has done and/or is teaching you.

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