Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Book Review: The Curious Christian by Barnabas Piper

Ever heard the expression, "Curiosity killed the cat?" I am sure you have. You probably have no idea what it means. It simply means that if you stick your nose into someone's business, it might get you into trouble. Curiosity is an interesting word because we are a very curious people. Children are more known for this which is why it could get them into trouble.

When it comes to Christianity, should we be curious? Should we be curious about God and what the Bible says about him? Barnabas Piper says yes. Our curiosity should make us want to know more about God, which is what he discusses, in his book, The Curious Christian. Piper says that our curiosity will lead us to discover God in ways we have never before. Now, he is not arguing for an out of body experience or search through various religious texts, but he is writing to Christians to be curious about who God is. If Christians would be more curious about God then it will lead them into deeper truths about God.

Piper writes that knowing the Bible "should shape and influence and drive how we pursue all other areas of learning and curiosity. It should serve as the foundation on which our lives are built relationally, vocationally, and intellectually." We pursue knowledge from all other avenues, but for the Christian who wants to know God, they fail in looking at the Bible. All our knowledge of God should come for the pages of scripture.

Piper continues by saying Christians should always be asking questions. We have a limited view of God, but we can know him through his word. We should not fear our questions, which some Christians do fear because they do not want to be labeled as a doubting believer. Christians should always be learning about God through reading the Bible and other Christians books. Christians should be engaging with one another about this God who we serve and worship.

I get what Piper was trying to communicate. Christians are to be curious about God and not fear their questions about him. I appreciate that Piper kept it God-centered because a subject such as this one can lead people to look for the knowledge of God away from the Bible. I am not saying this book is off or bad, but it is one I would not pick up again anytime soon.

Thanks B&H Publishing Group for letting me review this book.

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