Thursday, May 4, 2017

Book Review: Revitalize by Andrew Davis

When a new pastor comes into a church, there comes a time when the pastor casts the vision for the direction of the church. A lot of times it will reflect the ministry of the pastor. Other times, it is help the church become a more Biblically, healthy church that is engaged in making disciples. Andrew Davis led his church, First Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina, in a time where they were an unhealthy church into a thriving, healthy church. He tells his story and how others should lead their church to become a healthy church in his book, Revitalize: Biblical Keys To Helping Your Church Come Alive Again.

Davis begins the book by using the example from the seven churches in Revelation that every church needs to be revitalized. He states that the church needs revitalization since the beginning of church history. The phrase "semper reformanda" means always reforming. The church should always be in a period of reformation even in our day. Davis states that a church that stops reforming will die.

Some of you maybe wondering what is revitalization. Davis says that revitalization "occurs when God restores a once healthy church, helping it to change course from its recent decline toward spiritual disease and death...Revitalize is a word that God speaks to the dry bones of a dead church or the weak, helpless form of a dying church...every revitalization of the church from dying or dead is an act of the sovereign God of the universe who speaks the powerful, life-giving word to the church: 'Live!' or 'Be revitalized!'" Revitalizing a church should be an act of God who uses the leaders to where God wants the church to go.

Davis shares his story of how God used him to lead FBC Durham, NC that use to be a seeker sensitive church, into a church that is healthy, where the Bible is preached more faithfully than prior to Davis coming to the church. He talks about preaching the Bible expositionally to establishing a plurality of elders which most Baptist churches seem to don't understand. He also talks about be a courageous in leading change and to be patient.

Church revitalization is important because we see where the American churches are heading. Some are wanting to reflect the culture while others are refusing to make any changes because they like the way things are. If you are a pastor, elder, or a leader in the church, let me encourage you to pick up Davis's book. It will be worth your time.

Thanks Baker Publishing Group for letting me review this book.

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