Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Podcast Wednesday: Sola Scriptura, Billy Graham Rule, The Button, and more

Why Sola Scriptura Matters from Russell Moore

The Billy Graham Rule from Doctrine and Devotion

Tony Merida speaks with Joe Thorn about the planting of his church and other topics on the Acts 29 Podcast

Equipping You In Grace presents Kristen Wetherell and Sarah Walton– Hope When It Hurts – Biblical Reflections to Help You Grasp God’s Purpose in Your Suffering

Vern Poythress on Interpreting Scripture with Nancy Guthrie

The Bible Answer Man is No Longer Biblical? from When We Understand The Text

If the Bible Is So Clear, Why Are There So Many Different Interpretations? with Kevin DeYoung

Comic fans, you will love this one as the guys over at Gotham Central discuss The Button: Part 1 from Batman #21

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