Friday, June 30, 2017

Around The Web-June 30, 2017

15 Martin Luther Quotes on Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves by Bob Kellerman

What Does the Rainbow Really Mean? by Josh Buice

Why a Church Playground Matters for Religious Liberty by Joe Carter

Does Jeremiah 29:11 Apply to You? by Russell Moore

Religious Freedom and Discrimination: Why the Debate Continues by Albert Mohler

Fictitious Forgiveness: Why We Cannot Forgive Ourselves by Eric Davis

My 3 Big Fears In Parenting Teenagers by Trevin Wax

Complete Not in Ourselves, But in Christ by Ian Conrey

For the past week, people have been talking about Derek Carr, quarterback of the Oakland Raiders, who just signed a nice contract. At the 3 minute mark, you'll see why as he was asked about what would he splurge on and how he would use the money.

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