Thursday, June 22, 2017

Quotes from Chapter 2 of None Other

The following is from the second chapter of John MacArthur's book, None Other: Discovering the God of the Bible, which is titled, "The God of the Bible is Sovereign."

We're never forced by our sovereign God to make the wrong choices that we make. God's sovereignty does not nullify our own personal responsibility for the sinful things we do (pg.29).

Evildoers do evil not because they are forced to, but by their own evil intent. So God will judge them for both the act and the motive, as well as, for their failure to give Him glory and worship Him (pg.33).

Christ died under God's authority, in His timing, and according to His plan (pg.34).

The new birth depends on a spiritual work of God. You cannot enter the kingdom unless you are born again, and people can't summon their own spiritual birth (pg.37).

God could have chosen any means to communicate His gospel to the world, but for reasons we can't fully comprehend, He chose us (pg.46).

God's sovereignty is one of several truths Scripture teaches about God are that inconceivable, incomprehensible, unfathomable, and unsearchable (pg.47).

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