Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Quotes from Chapter 5 of None Other

The following is from the fifth chapter of John MacArthur's book, None Other: Discovering the God of the Bible, which is titled, "The God of the Bible is Loving."

If you want proof that God's love extends to all mankind, look no further than Matthew 5:44-45...Never are we more like God than when we love and forgive our enemies. His love is not restricted to the redeemed, and ours should not be either (pg.89).

In God's loving mercy, He uses us to extend the offer of the gospel into the darkest corners of the world. Our job is to shine the light of His truth. He decides how and where it illuminates men's hearts (pg.96).

God is not obligated to be the unqualified, equal-opportunity Savior of everyone. He is not the prisoner of His love, nor of man's expectations. God's love is never separated as superior or dominant over all His other attributes. In the end, it pleased Him to do as He did because it glorified Him. His sovereign plan of redemption is bound up in nothing more than His glory. And in that knowledge we can rest (pg.104).

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