Monday, May 2, 2016

Book Review: Zeal Without Burnout by Christopher Ash

One of the reasons that Pastors leave their churches is burnout. Burnout is simply put, tired of the work of ministry. They are so exhausted that they feel if they continue it will literally kill them. A Pastor's body and family can be affected by burnout in various forms as well as the church itself.

Some churches have this idea their pastor is Superman who can do everything they cannot do. I know many have this expectations with youth pastors because many feel they have a lot of energy because they work with teenagers. Pastors, and their churches, need to be reminded that they are human. Jesus is divine and powerful, they are not. Christopher Ash has written a simple book for the issue of burnout called Zeal Without Burnout.

One of the things Ash communicates in this book is being burnout does not make you a Super Christian. You are human. You will need rest. You will also need to eat. Jesus during His earthly ministry rested and ate. He also took time to be with friends. He also went to parties. Pastors will become Super Saint when they are running at the end of their rope in the work of ministry.

Ash also writes a warning about being a celebrity pastor, which we have seen three celebrity pastors fall in the last year, so this comes at the right time. Ash also reminds us that ministry is a delight and joy. Yes, it can be a demanding job at times, but it is worth it. However, we do not honor God by wearing ourselves out.

If you know a pastor going through a burnout situation, give them this book. I think some churches need to read this book so they can know their pastor is human because some of them don't want to admit that. Anyone in ministry, especially those starting out, need to read this book.

Thanks Good Book Company for letting me review this book.

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