Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Introducting Podcast Wednesday

I have been a podcast junkie as of late. It all began when I heard an episode of The Reformed Pubcast. I don't remember what episode it was unfortunately. My list of podcasts have grown over the last year with new shows coming up and ones that I have just discovered.

I have shared a few during my "Around The Web" segment that takes place on Fridays as well as Twitter and Facebook. There are many podcast episodes that I can recommend everyone to listen to till I am blue in the face. So I decided to begin a new segment on Keeping The Main Thing called, "Podcast Wednesday." This is where I will be sharing podcast episodes whether new or old ones that I think will benefit you as you listen.

I am hoping this will be a hit for all of my readers. I pray each podcast you listen will edify you and equip you. Please remember, these podcasts are not to take the place of your local church or the pastors you are under.

These Go To 11: Scotty Smith On Grace, Brokenness and Earnest Prayer

Worst Youth Ministry: Is Youth Ministry Biblical?

The Reformed Pubcast speak with Michael Horton and on avoiding being arrogant

Popcorn Theology talk about the movie, Crash

Bob Thune speaks with Dave Jenkins at Equipping You in Grace about his book, Gospel Eldership

D.A. Carson preaches on the Bread of Life

The Reformed Library interview

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