Friday, July 29, 2016

Around The Web - July 29, 2016

Sale on books from 9 Marks happening from now till August 2.

From now till August 4, the New International Commentary on the New Testament set is on sale.

Bourne Again by J.A. Medders

Apostasy and Backsliding Look Alike by Erik Raymond

The Attractional Church’s Growing Irrelevance by Jared C Wilson

Spiritual Warfare and the Power of Scripture by Dave Jenkins

Abortion’s Guilt By Melissa Kruger

What Adoption Has Taught Me by Russell Moore

Last week was Comic-Con and there was a whole of lot news that will make the simplest of all fans geek out just a little. I know I was excited when they release the first trailer to the new Justice League movie.

The new trailer to Doctor Strange was also released during Comic-con which will look amazing in 3D.

Finally, thanks to Netflix, I got addicted to Sherlock. Been waiting for the new season which is coming next year.

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