Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jesus Is Not A Political Messiah

In the last couple of weeks, all eyes have been on the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Both political parties have presented their candidates and now the race for the White House is officially underway. This election year has been one crazy mess with both parties divided over their candidates. However, each election has one thing in common: each party is looking at their candidate as a political messiah. Think about it. People say the country will be great if this person is in charge. One party will say the country will fall apart if the other is elected. People want a president that they think will lead them to greatness.

When Jesus was on the earth, the Jews wanted to make them their king. They wanted a political messiah. They wanted a leader that will overthrow the Roman Empire that was oppressing them at the time. Jesus was the Messiah but not the messiah that the Jews were looking for. Isaiah 53 has a clear picture that the Messiah would suffer for the sins of the people. John The Baptist knew Jesus was the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, even though, he doubted much later while in prison.

Political messiahs will let us down. When we set people on a pedestal that high, they will fall. Jesus, who the true Messiah, will never let us down. He fulfilled the prophecy that was written about Him in the Old Testament. Political messiahs come and go especially after four or eight years as president of the United States. Jesus is the Messiah who will never leave office or power being taken away.

Unlike political messiahs, our true Messiah died for the sins of mankind. God the Father sent Jesus to atone for our sins by His death and fulfill the law of God by His life. Jesus does not change His positions on any issue or change His mind because the culture says something different. Political messiahs are not absolute in their thinking and beliefs.

Christians, rejoice for our Messiah is not one about politics, but one in changing lives and making peace between God and man.

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