Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Review: The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life by Jeremy Pierre

The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life is a book written about how to understand the human experience. Jeremy Pierre's goal is to give his readers an insight inot how faith in Christ can restore the human heart and how people can join in the process. Pierre has years of experience in the counseling ministry and has written what he has observed in the pages of this book.

Pierre begins by writing on the beauty of the human experience. The human heart is a vast mystery and we are not talking about the physical heart, but the heart that represents the person's most inward being. He writes how the heart is corrupted due to the fall and how it can be redeemed through the redemptive work of Christ.

Next we see how the heart responds to circumstances in life. How the heart responds to God, worship, trials, and influences that can sway us. Finally, Pierre takes us into a more in-depth look at the theology of the human heart and how to counsel someone in the process.

This book is good for pastors who want to understand more of how to help people in their daily walk with Jesus as well in times of trouble. This would also be a good book for every member to read with others to understand the theology of the human experience.

Thanks New Growth Press for letting me review this book.

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