Thursday, October 13, 2016

Book Review: NKJV Word Study Bible

Studying the Bible is hard work. Studying the Bible with the help of its original language can be a little harder. Thankfully, the body of Christ has been given tools to use to help in studying the Bible.

Thomas Nelson has produced a study Bible that is perfect for studying the Bible in its original language called, the NKJV Word Study Bible. This study Bible does not contain notes at the bottom of the pages as most study Bibles do. What it does contain is help with words in our English language and what is the meaning and translation in the original Hebrew & Aramaic for the Old Testament and Greek for the New Testament.

This study Bible also points out other passage that the word is used in the original language to help the reader connect the Bible all together as one book rather than separate writings. In the back of the study Bible, there are references to the Hebrew and Greek as if you had an exhaustive concordance, in this case, Strong's Concordance. There is also an English word index and as well as a passage index.

This is a good resource to have in studying the Bible with its original languages. I have already been using this study Bible myself and have found it very helpful.

Thanks Booklook Bloggers for letting me review this book.

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