Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Book Review: A Disruptive Gospel by Mac Pier

When the gospel is unleashed, change happens. Lives change and the way the church does things change. The gospel at times can disrupt people's plans regardless if they are good or bad. Sometimes the call for gospel ministry takes people out of their comfortable, high paying jobs to embrace a ministry that will require sacrifice.

Mac Pier tells stories of how he has witness the gospel do its work in New York City called A Disruptive Gospel. This book is a firsthand account of Pier's experience in gospel ministry. He tells his story of what got him started in ministry while reminding his readers what the gospel is and what is a gospel movement.

While this book has teachings on the gospel and shows what a church can do in a gospel-centered ministry, there wasn't much to go with it. What caught my attention was Tim Keller has wrote the forward of the book which got more underlined passages than anywhere else. Not a bad book, but the title sounds a little misleading. Maybe if it was called "Stories of a Disruptive Gospel," it would not be such a let down even though the book gives you ideas of how to conduct gospel ministry in your city.

Thanks Baker Publishing Group for letting me review this book.

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