Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Book Review: Enjoy by Trillia J Newbell

1 Peter teaches us that we are sojourners and exiles and Philippians says that we are citizens in heaven. While we may not be part of this world, can we enjoy things in this life? Yes, as Christians, we can enjoy fellowship with God and the Saints. We can enjoy reading the Bible and singing praises to God. Should we, or can we, enjoy the things in this life even though they are temporary?

Trillia J Newbell says, yes, we can enjoy the things in this life and this life altogether. In her new book, appropriately titled, Enjoy, we see what God has called us in regards to have joy in this life. She writes that though we live in a fallen world, God has given us gifts to enjoy. We are not talking spiritual gifts, we are talking gifts such enjoying a game, a night out, and even relationships.

Newbell writes that God has given us the gift of one another in regards to our brothers and sisters in Christ. She also writes on the joy of intimacy and we are talking about sexual intimacy, which there are some Christian couples I know who think sex is only for procreation, which it is, but can also be enjoyable for a husband and wife.

She also writes about being created for work which for many Christians, they think work is a curse from the Fall, which is not true. We have always been created for work and we can enjoy it even when it can be difficult at times. She goes on in the book of having joy in this life and concluding to having everlasting joy in the life to come. While we will have joy in the life to come, we can also have it in the here and now.

I am grateful that Trillia wrote this book because there are not many on this subject. My church has discussed similar things she has written. There a few times I felt she was writing to women, which there is nothing wrong with that. I think men and women would appreciate the message Newbell has written.

Thanks Multinomah for letting me review this book.

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