Thursday, December 29, 2016

What Bible Reading Plan Should I Use?

This is the time of year where some believers might ask what Bible reading plan am I to use. Well, there is no right or wrong answer for that, but there are many different options when it comes to Bible reading plans. So here are just a few Bible reading plans to consider:

5 Day Bible Reading Program (This is the one I will be going through in 2017)

The Reading Plan from the ESV Study Bible

Through the Bible in a Year Reading Plan

3 Year Bible Reading Plan, which I recently wrote about

Reading Plan from Tabletalk Magazine

Historical Bible Reading Plan

These are just a few good Bible reading plans available all believers to dive into the Word. If one of these doesn't seem to suit, keep searching. One way to find one is ask the elders in your church or a maturing believer. If you are on social media, ask your friends/followers.

One thing that might happen as you read the Bible according to a plan is what if its just not working. I addressed that issue a few years ago.

Whatever plan you go with, whether one listed above or not even one at all, the point is to read the Bible. The Bible is God's Word to His people. He wants us to know what He has said and how He has revealed Himself through the pages of the Bible. That is why a gospel-centered, healthy church should push for reading the Bible.

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