Thursday, March 2, 2017

Book Review: The Gospel & Marriage

Marriage in our culture has been under attack. We have seen it being redefined in the courts. We have seen it deemed as almost out of date in the minds of some. We have seen some churches stand for marriage while we have seen some that have embraced what society think marriage should be.

How should Christians look at marriage? How should the church respond to what the culture says? The Gospel & Marriage is one of the latest editions of "The Gospel for Life" edited by Russell Moore and Andrew T Walker. Walker admits in the introduction that marriages needs to be reexamined, not redefined as society wants it to be. Mary Kassian looks at what Christians are for, not against, in the context of marriage. Kassian points out that marriage was God's idea, not man's.

Denny Burk looks at what the gospel says about marriage. We see marriage as giving God glory as the wife submits to her husband and the husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church. Burk goes on to say that marriage was intended to be a depiction of the gospel. Next, Dennis Rainey addresses how Christians ought to live as a married couple followed Dean Inserra addressing how the church should engage the culture in regards to marriage.

Finally, Walker writes the final chapter of the book on looking at the culture in regards to marriage as well as romance. Walker looks at the common misconceptions about marriage and how our culture has affected marriage over the past few years. Walker wrote that the church must offer something better to the culture around us and that the church must show that marriage is a service to God.

Marriage has been under fire for a long time. I am thankful this book came during a very important time in our nation's history.

Thanks B&H Publishing Group for letting me review this book.

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