Friday, March 3, 2017

Resources on The Shack

Today marks the opening of "The Shack" in theatres nationwide which is based on the book by the same titled. It is a supposed Christian fiction book, which is has generated a lot of support and criticism at the same time. You have many Christian that absolutely love the book while you have others that say it is absolute garbage.

I personally have not read the book, but I have read several reviews that have exposed the false teachings in this book. Now some of you maybe wondering why we are making a big deal over a fiction book written by a Christian. I think one of the reasons is people, believer and non-believer, will take this book and say this paints a beautiful picture of God, which is not the case. Plus, we tend to think that anything Christian must be approved by God if he is blessing it. We see Joel Osteen as a New York Times bestseller, but we know he preaches false doctrine.

For many reasons, we have seen works of fiction as a means for embracing some form of teaching. Some Christians thought that the "Left Behind" series meant that everyone believed in the Dispensational Premillennial view of eschatology. "The Shack" has generated so much controversy that there have been many blogs and videos showing the false doctrines in it. I will sharing a few resources for you to read and/or if you considering reading the book or seeing the movie, which I would encourage you not to.

The Shack-Impressions by Tim Keller

Here is a more in-depth review from Tim Challies

Challies also shares why he won't be seeing or review The Shack

The Shack — The Missing Art of Evangelical Discernment by Albert Mohler

“The Shack” and What It Says about Evangelicalism by Josh Buice

The Shack: Biblical Discernment Is Key in Evaluating Any Book or Movie by Randy Alcorn

What Does ‘The Shack’ Say About Your Pain? by David Mathis

This video is from When We Understand The Text called, The Shack vs The Bible?

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