Friday, August 10, 2012

What To Do and Not To Do When Preaching The Word

Preaching is a great call that God can give to a man to equip the saints for ministry in the church. It is not an easy task and, like any job, one can make mistakes easily. There have been a few posts from Servants of Grace that address what to do and not do in preaching whether it is in a corporate worship setting or at a funeral.

10 Preaching Mistakes to Avoid

Do's and Don'ts for Preaching a Funeral

Do's and Don'ts When Preaching a Wedding

Recently, James MacDonald talked about what things we do in the church other than preach the Bible. After reading this I can think of a few churches that actually do these things MacDonald talks about:

“Music, drama, and video, felt needs, topics, more stories”

“There are some things I just want to share with you today . . .”

3. WOO
“Careful, careful, don’t offend, always comfortable, never pressured, just a pinch of truth, when they’re ready to handle it.”

“I’ve been thinking and researching this in the original languages . . .”

“Twenty-minute sermons”

You can read the entire post here

For a great book on preaching, I highly recommend Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert's latest book, Preach: Theology Meets Practice

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