Thursday, September 6, 2012

Please Do Not Wear These

Last week, J.D. Greear had a post of different witnessing tracts have been produced by Christians that he was encouraging for us not to use. I was thinking about another thing Christians use to witness: Christian T-Shirts. There are some cool ones, but there are some that look like rip offs of products, TV shows, and even websites. I was looking through the Internet and found some that, and I am begging, Christian should not wear.

Good message, but this almost looks like a copy of YouTube:

I love Subway as much as the next guy. I go there for lunch from time to time, but I think this would send a bad taste in the mouth of their employees and the people having lunch there. Not only that, why did the designers that take a popular restaurant chain, change it and put on a t-shirt as if Jesus needed some help:

Who uses My Space anymore?

Looks like a rip off of Facebook:

I am speechless on this one. I know it will get people's attention, but I doubt you will get five minutes to share Christ with someone:

Yes, Christians should be fed up with Satan, but did we have to use the FedEx logo to make a t-shirt:

Good message. Love Angry Birds, but another rip off.

Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with wearing Christian t-shirts, but you have to discern what t-shirt is appropriate to wear because it could send mixed signals to lost people. Not only that, I think some Christians think they are evangelizing because they are wearing a Christian t-shirt like people putting the fish with Jesus' name in it on their cars. Wearing a Christian t-shirt is not a substitute for evangelism. We are share Christ using the gospel and not some cheesy shirt.

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