Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who You Are In Christ

I recently finished Jerry Bridges' latest book, Who Am I? Identity In Christ. Many people in church know they are in Christ, but not many Christians know who they are in Christ. Bridges covers who we are in Christ in eight short chapters where each concludes with a statement talking about our identity in Christ:

I am a creature, created in the image of God, fully dependent on him and fully accountable to him.

By the work of God, I am no longer in Adam: I am in Christ, through a union that is both living and representative.

I am justified, I am righteous before God, because God has charged my sin to Christ and credited to me his perfect righteousness.

I am an adopted son of God. I'm a child of the King. I have the privilege in this life of an intimate father-child relationship with him, and I look forward with expectant hope to an eternal inheritance that is far more glorious than anything I can imagine.

I am a new creation, with a new heart, a new spirit, and a new identity before God. Having been delivered from the dominion of sin and united to Christ, I am always able to resist temptation. When I do sin, I am always welcome to the cross, for all my sins have been forgiven in Jesus.

I am a saint: I do not belong to myself, but to God. I have been purchased and declared holy by God, and set apart for God. Thus, God is ever at work to cause me to grow in spiritual maturity, a process in which he calls me to cooperate, in every way, out of gratitude for his mercy.

I am a servant of Jesus Christ. By God's grace, I serve him by serving others in the particular role or roles to which, in his providential wisdom, he has called me.

In this life I am and always will be imperfect, a saved sinner, seeking to grow in holiness and relating to God on the basis of his grace that is mine because I am...in Christ!

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