Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Did God Create Us - Part 2

In a recent post, the question was asked why did God create us? It was not for a relationship but to display his glory. Is this arrogance? No, it would be arrogance to think that God created us for life to be all about us. If we think that God created us for relationship then that teaches the church we are the center of God's universe.

The Bible says that God will not give his glory to another. So we were created by God to give him glory. We are told to give glory to God in whatever we do. We are created to keep God in the center of our worship by giving him glory with our lives.

We are also created, as John Piper wrote in, With Calvin in the Theater of God, "To see and savor the glory of Christ - that is, to admire him - is why we were created." When we read our Bibles, specifically in Revelation, and read how beautiful Jesus is in his glory, we are to admire it because we are not worthy to see, much less, even speak of this glory.

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