Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tragedy in Newtown

Everyone of us felt devastated over the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT yesterday. Some of us are angry that this happened in a elementary school and sad that many lives including children were taken. I know for myself, I hugged my kids a lot last night before taking them to bed.

All of us should pray for the victim's families as they mourn the loss of their loved ones as well for the children of that school who were present when the shooting took place. Many pastors have gone online to address these issues. To be honest, I am having trouble to put into words the hurt I feel for the families.

Here are a few links that have already offered some wisdom into this horrible tragedy:

The Gospel, Connecticut, and the Great Commission by Dave Jenkins

Two posts from John Piper: How Does Jesus Come to Newtown and A Lesson For All From Newtown

For Pastors and Church Leaders, Ed Stetzer has provided some resources for you to consider as you address your churches tomorrow morning

Finally, I want to conclude this post with a prayer from Scotty Smith in response to the shooting at Sandy Hook:

Dear Lord Jesus, we abandon ourselves to you tonight—we come running with our tears and our fears, our anger and our anguish, our lament and our longings. We collapse in your presence, with the assurance of your welcome, needing the mercies of your heart.

Some stories are just too much for us to absorb; some evil just too great to conceive; some losses beyond all measurability. We need your tears and your strength tonight. That you wept outside the tomb of a beloved friend frees us to groan and mourn; that you conquered his death with yours, frees us to hope and wait.

But we turn our thoughts from ourselves to the families who have suffered an unconscionable violation of heart and all sensibilities. Bring your presence to bear, Lord Jesus, by your Spirit and through your people. May your servants weep with those who weep and wail with those who wail. Extend your tear wiping hand—reach into this great tragedy with an even greater grace.

We cry out on behalf of the children of Newtown, those most directly affected by this evil, and for children throughout our country and the world, whose little hearts are reeling with fear and terror. Give parents wisdom and kindness, as they seek to love their children well, this night and in the coming days. Raise up gifted counselors and care givers to serve those most traumatized.

Lastly, Lord Jesus, we cry out with a loud voice, How long, O, Lord? How long before you return to eradicate all evil, redeem all tragedies, and make all things new? How long, O, Lord, how long? Your Bride weeps and waits for you. In your merciful and mighty name we pray.

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