Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Will We Sing and Shout?

The other day, I was thinking about the old hymn, "When We All Get To Heaven." What made me think about this hymn was the chorus to the song:

When we all get to heaven,

What a day of rejoicing that will be!

When we all see Jesus,

We’ll sing and shout the victory!

Notice the last two lines of the chorus, when all see Jesus, we'll sing and shout the victory. As I thinking about that, I began to wonder when I see Jesus, will sing and shout or bow down? I think a lot of times, we think we know what we will do in heaven. I have heard some people want to stand in line just to talk with the Apostle Paul. You got an eternity, so you can wait. I have heard one pastor say, when I see Peter, I want to ask him about how he felt when he denied Jesus.

Yet, this song is saying, when I see Jesus, I am going to have a party. Don't get me wrong, I believe heaven is one huge eternal party where there will be singing, dancing (expect Baptists), and possibly loud music which no one will have ear plugs where Jesus is always the guest of honor. My concern is how are we going to respond when we see Jesus. Are we going to sing and shout or are we going to worship?

Christian, you and I do not deserve heaven and to say we are going to sing and shout when we see Jesus is arrogant. Jesus died on your behalf and my behalf so we can enter eternal life with God forever and yet we are going to sing and shout. I believe when we see Jesus in all his glory, and realize he does not look like Jim Caviezel, we are going to do what Peter in Luke 5, which is bow down and declare we are sinful. Yet Jesus will be welcoming us because of His finished work on the cross on behalf to satisfy the righteousness of God.

When we all get to heaven, yes there will be rejoicing, but there will be a lot worship in awe and wonder. When we all see Jesus, we bow our knees before Him and declare that He is worthy.

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